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What is Supplex®?

Supplex® is lightweight (even lighter than cotton) and breathes well so it dries quickly. The wicking effect of the fabric disperses the sweat that the body produces and evaporates it quickly maintaining an always dry feeling; these are the perfect characteristics needed in clothing used for activities where the body sweats.

This material is extremely flexible, stretches up to 5 times and returns to its original shape, is softer than standard nylon fabrics, keeps its bright colors after years of use, never fuzzes or pills, resists odor, tear and wear and wicks moisture away. Supplex® won't wrinkle, shrink or fade and provides the soft touch of cotton with the strength and durability of nylon.

Why Supplex®?

  • Fully breathable
  • 30-36% faster drying than cotton

  • 36% softer than standard Nylon

  • Minimizes the look of cellulite

  • Colorfast (Tie Dye's are hand made and should be washed separately first to test)

  • Able to hold its shape after years of washing (no shrink, no crease, no wrinkle)

  •  Resistible to abrasions, tears and punctures

  • Odor, wind and water resistant

Care Instructions

This fabric is best when machine washed inside out in cold water with similar fabric. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low. Do not bleach or iron.


Most of the products on our website are one size.

Please note that the sizing is different compared to UK and European sizing.

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