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Our webstore journey so far..

Hello lovelies,
Thanks for visiting Squaterella!
I wanted to give you a quick heads up what is happening behind the scenes at Squaterella.
As you might know, Squaterella only launched 3 months ago, and I (Noelle, the founder) must say that I am so happy and proud I followed my dream to get Squaterella up and running.
The idea of starting Squaterella was born after I noticed that there were too many boring gym clothes! Going to the gym can be a struggle, and finding an outfit which make you feel good whilst going to the gym even more. Therefor I started to think what I could change about that.. and et voila Squaterella was born!
The first orders came in, the first happy customers and also the first award!
Squaterella recently won the Best New Business Award via the Business Launchpad London; a charity who helps young entrepreneurs start their own business.
Squaterella and South West Swimming School during Business Launchpad Awards
At the award ceremony I have met a lot of interesting people who gave me the idea to get my own clothing line up and running.
At the moment we are sourcing manufacturers and getting our first samples in and hopefully launch our own clothing line in the second halve of 2016! Expect a lot of of colors, quality and amazing designs! EXCITING TIMES!!
Besides getting our own line we will continue stocking other quality brand and hopefully grow to one of the largest online stores specialising in womens activewear ( #goaldigger!!!)
I hope you are just as excited as I am and hopefully see you as one of my beloved customers <3
Lots of love,
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